Since 2022, the irrigation systems company "Hydroway" has joined the agricultural sector of Georgia, which offers farmers the design, supply and installation of high-tech agricultural irrigation systems. Each project is individually designed for farmers

HYDROWAY's Team leads a hydro engineer Guram Mosiashvili, which provided irrigation of more than 6,000 hectares of farms throughout Georgia during 10 years of operation.

Hydroway's success is farmers increased, quality to us homogeneous product production. For us each drop matters to us and on this purpose each project professionally is created with agro and hydro engineers to, create possibilities for farmers agribusinesses to improve throughout the Georgia; on this and purpose before brand creation has been conducted research ., creation on the project continues…“ Guram Mosiashvili, Director

HYDROWAY Prior to the announcement of the services, market operations began with research, which included a real-world assessment of the efficiency and return on investment of existing farm irrigation systems. According to these data, Hydroway has set such long-term strategies, which involve offering the best services to farmers.

The purpose of the study is to ensure their maintenance and provide correct irrigation recommendations to the farmers participating in the study, based on the study of the quality and efficiency of the irrigation systems installed throughout Georgia.

The research area included 1,350 hectares of farms in eastern and western Georgia, namely vineyards, walnut, almond, hazelnut, blueberry, bilberry and apple orchards.

Hydroway's current years strategyis irrigation systems About correct and effective design, also use to awareness farmers to us healthy demand creation in sector, creation on agriculture orchards professionally management it . Guram Mosiashvili, Director


what Services are availablefrom HYDROWAY to farmers??

Hydroway's team of agro and hydro engineers offers design and installation of technically and economically sound, resource-saving irrigation systems:

  • with stationary droppers;
  • with integrated drip pipes;
  • subsoil irrigation for perennial crops;
  • sprinkler irrigation system;
  • micro sprinklers for solar panels;
  • sprinkler irrigation coil;
  • central and frontal pivots.

For effective agricultural production, it is important to take into account scientific studies of soil and climatic conditions when designing the irrigation system. In most of the gardens participating in the survey, it was due to these conditions that the plant's water needs were not met, therefore the "Hydroway" team is ready to offer you the study, redesign and recommendations of the existing irrigation systems, taking into account the agro-climatic conditions of your area, soil moisture and plant water needs.

The motivation of "Hydroway" is successful agriculture, as the team members note, the path that the water has to take to the plant is fully calculated, because for them every drop is important.

Let's follow the activity of the irrigation systems company "Hydroway", which is an important part of the development of the agricultural sector.